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carole-boyd-profileThe way you live in your home is not the way you sell your home! Buyers make up their minds about a home for sale within the first few minutes of entering the front door. Carole Boyd is a professional home staging decorator with Realtor experience. She can even provide props such as pictures, lamps, plants, cushions and more to help your home really shine and sell fast and for top dollar.

Home staging will:

  • Jumpstart sales and bring in offers
  • Attract offers in top price range
  • Net you top dollar
  • Reduce your selling time

But not all Home Staging Professionals are created equal! Here are 5 questions to ask about who is staging your home (your most valuable asset!)

  1. What is their experience with interior design? Carle has been doing interior design for over 30 years and has successfully run her own interior design company.
  2. What is their experience in real estate? Carole was a Licensed Associate for 7 years with RE/MAX. She is very aware of what turns buyers off when they view a home and hat makes the interested in a home.
  3. Has your home staging professional ever designed or built homes? Carole designed and built luxury homes in Kamloops, BC along the Thompson River in the early 2000’s.
  4. Does you home staging professional have access to props? Carole provides her own props and also will work with the home owners belongings to accent every fantastic features your home has.
  5. Does your home staging professional have access to quality trades people? Carole has access to various trades people to help you with the staging of your home. You don’t want to spend $1000 and make $500. Carole’s goal is always to get a return on any money you spend, so if you spend $500 then we want to get you $1000.

Here’s what some people have to say about Carole’s service:

With three homes on my street for sale, I needed someone spectacular and I definitely found it in Carole’s home staging. She remained true to her slogan “with me… it’s all about you!” Carole started work immediately using her interior design/home staging skills. The transformation was remarkable. My home was sold in one day!

Loretta G

We would like to express our appreciation to Carole for her very professional assistance in the recent sale of our house. We have no doubt that Carole’s home staging made a huge difference in the sale of our house. Her interior decorating background and her “get things done” approach made the sale of our house proceed very quickly and brought us the price we asked.

H & C LaRose

Just wanted to say thank you to Carole for the excellent advice and encouragement that she gave us during staging and sale of our home. We received many positive comments and were told that our home showed like “new”. The new owners couldn’t be more pleased and said the would buy another home like this again. Thank you for your time and encouragement and considering our young children when staging our home.

S. Marchand

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