Red Deer Acreages for Sale

Red Deer Acreages for Sale

Are you looking for the space an acreage can provide in the Red Deer area? Kevin Thomsen and his team have years of experience finding acreages for owners that want more out of their property. As the best and most trusted real estate team in Red Deer, we are experts at finding an acreage that fits all your country needs within your price range. We are confident that we can help you find the acreage that fits all your requirements.
There are communities that outside the city that offer bigger lots while still being close to the amenities a city can offer. Most of our clients have purchased acreages for the quiet atmosphere that it provides away from the city and extra space it gives for agricultural or other activities.

Acreage Advantages

Most of these homes are designed with the country luxury aspect in mind. Two storey and bungalow layouts are quite popular with these kinds of homes offered with a larger square footage. There are a few advantages of choosing to purchase an acreage lot with the number one being the amount of space it provides the home owner. A townhouse or detached house usually provide a very cookie-cutter backyard layout to maximize the home developer’s use of space. The more properties they can fit onto the land they bought, the more money they make which usually means smaller backyards. Acreage properties offer not only a bigger house, but a substantial lot size that can be used for a number of different activities.
A second advantage acreage properties provide is the lifestyle that comes along with it. The relaxed country lifestyle is brought from being outside the hustle and bustle of the city. These acreage properties usually have beautiful views of the stars at night, and can include meadows, hills or even barns that all compliment the peaceful country lifestyle. Even though these properties are away from the city, they are still close enough where you can drive into the city to go to the grocery store or any other city amenity that you may need. Acreage properties usually have a big network of range roads that connect residences to major roads and highways therefore offering the convenience in getting to these major cities or towns while still offering a secluding atmosphere free from the busy roadways that are within a major city.

Choose Us!

We want to help you every step of your process starting with sitting down and discussing your needs, or to help you get a viewing if you already have a property in mind from our list below or other resource. Communication and customer service are the cores of our business and we ensure that your process is completely smooth from beginning to end. We aren’t satisfied until we get a handshake and smile from you.

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