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Are you looking for foreclosure listings in the Red Deer area? Kevin Thomsen and his team have years of experience in helping to find foreclosed units. As the best and most trusted real estate team in Red Deer, we are experts at finding the biggest selection of foreclosed and vacant properties within your price range. The choices are then narrowed down to something suited perfectly for you.  We are confident that we can help you find a foreclosure unit in your price budget that will save you money instead of buying a brand new unit.
A foreclosed building or property is when a bank takes back claim of the property. This happens when the owner of the unit does not pay their mortgage payments that are due to the bank for loaning them the capital to purchase the property.
Foreclosed units have nothing wrong with them like some people may think from the reflection of the prices they’re usually listed for. The reason why foreclosed units are usually priced a lot cheaper is because the bank that took back the property wants to rid of it to clear any outstanding debt that the homeowner has incurred by mortgaging the property.

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Foreclosure Listings & Advantages

There is a big benefit that comes with foreclosed units. The one I mentioned previous and the biggest reason to consider a foreclosed unit, is the amount of money it can save you. When a standard home or business buyer buys a building through a realtor or privately, they are paying the market value or a price marked above market value depending on the amount of demand the property gets. With foreclosed units, banks offer the property to consumers or businesses at a heavy discount just so that they can attempt to reclaim as much of the lent money as they can. The more money you can save on purchasing these units, the more money you can have to renovate the house, or expand your business.
The reason that this method isn’t as conventional as the traditional method of buying market value, is because these units aren’t readily available or advertised to the standard public. There are only a few places you can go to have access to these foreclosure listings and a majority of the people that know where to get them, don’t share this information with the public. We can get these lists for you and help you decide if you want to purchase a foreclosed unit. As mentioned before, a majority of these units have nothing wrong with them other than missed payments being made to the bank.

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We want to help you every step of your process starting with sitting down and discussing your needs, or to help you get a viewing if you already have a property in mind from our list below or other resource. Communication and customer service are the cores of our business and we ensure that your process is completely smooth from beginning to end. We aren’t satisfied until we get a handshake and smile from you.

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