Townhouses for Sale in Red Deer

Are you looking for townhouses in the Red Deer area? Kevin Thomsen and his team have years of experience with buying and selling townhomes. As the best and most trusted real estate team in Red Deer, we are experts at finding the biggest selection of townhouses within your price range. The choices are then narrowed down to something suited perfectly for you.  We are confident that we can help you find the townhouse that fits all your requirements.
Due to the economy, the townhouse prices in Red Deer are the best they’ve been in years plus new developments have risen so this makes it a buyer’s market right now. Whether you are looking to purchase a townhouse for investment purposes or to raise a family, we can help you choose from the abundant Red Deer selection.Townhouses are offered all over the Red Deer area mostly located on quiet streets, a part of communities, near shopping or strip malls. Townhouses offered in Red Deer include new construction units, older units or remodeled units. This gives the buyer a large variety of choice depending on what they are looking for compared to the price point they have in mind.

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Red Deer Duplexes

There are a couple benefits of choosing a duplex or a townhouse. A lot of people like the lifestyle of a condo, however some don’t enjoy that condos have a lack of privacy and for the most part, lack of space. Townhouses are a great single family home option as they provide space similar to a full house, but are smaller so they usually fit very well into a budget. With these units provide a quieter environment as you don’t have neighbours above or below you however you still are provided with the security from neighbours as they are usually attached or close together. In addition to these features, townhouses usually offer a backyard that is fenced in that a condo might only offer communal space which is shared by everyone in the entire building.
Like condos, townhouses also usually have condo/townhouse fees but those fees usually offer quite a few conveniences. Townhouses are not responsible for exterior upkeep because that is part of the service included with the fees. Upkeep meaning mowing the lawn, shovelling the sidewalk and driveways, and trimming/planting of any trees or plants. This makes townhouses very ideal for seniors and for people/families that are too busy to upkeep their own detached home.
In summary, you should consider a townhouse if you are looking for more space than a condo but fewer than a detached home. If you are looking for security while still seeking privacy with a fenced in backyard. Also, if you are busy and do not have time for exterior upkeep, the condo board will have workers provide this service for you.

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We want to help you every step of your process starting with sitting down and discussing your needs, or to help you get a viewing if you already have a property in mind from our list below or other resource. Communication and customer service are the cores of our business and we ensure that your process is completely smooth from beginning to end. We aren’t satisfied until we get a handshake and smile from you.

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